Building a sustainable future for Dawson County

Building a sustainable future for Dawson County

Greater Glendive Community Foundation
PO Box 1122
Glendive, MT 59330


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Make a gift to Greater Glendive Community Foundation

Give Glendive Day, May 4 is the annual day of giving back to your community. Local non-profits that help make Glendive a better place to live, work, play will be at The Gallery, 109 N. Merrill Ave. from 1 p.m. -6 p.m. to accept donations.

The following 15 nonprofits will be at The Gallery: Action for Eastern Montana, Boys and Girls Club of Dawson County, Dawson Community College Foundation, Red Devil Booster Club Media building, Dawson County Educational Foundation, Dawson County Food Bank, Eastern Montana Community Concert Association, Frontier Gateway Museum, Glendive Community Cancer Fund, Greater Glendive Community Foundation for Born to Hunt bronze monument, Glendive Medical Center Foundation, Pet Waste Station Funds, Special Olympics, The Gallery, The Nurturing Tree.

You can give your donations in the “piggy banks” at the various nonprofit displays. A representative will be there to explain their cause or project.

If you prefer to make out one check, make your tax deductible contribution to Dawson County Healthy Communities Coalition or DCHCC. A page listing the nonprofits is available for you to fill out and check which organizations you would like to support and the amount for each. Credit card donations will also be accepted and will be listed as DCHCC on your credit card statement. They will later be distributed according to the donors’ wishes to the various organizations.

A live remote from 1-3 p.m. with radio celebrity Marcy Smith on KXGN 1400 AM radio station will showcase the various organizations and their projects.

Cross Petroleum is providing free ice cream bars to donors throughout the day. Wine, water and snacks will culminate the day of giving from 5-6.

Giving continues on-line for 24 hours May 4 from 6 p.m. to May 5 6 p.m. at Montana Gives. Click on the communities tab, then Glendive. You can give on-line to Dawson Community College Foundation, Glendive Community Cancer Fund, The Nurturing Tree Parent Resource Center and Greater Glendive Community Foundation.

Unless specified otherwise, the community foundation funds will go to Born to Hunt, a life-size bronze of a boy playing fetch with his Labrador to be placed in the City Parking Lot. Bridger Bronze is donating the artwork if GGCF can raise the foundry fees of $35,000. A total of $5200 has been raised. Pamela Harr has offered miniatures of the Born to Hunt for $995 and will donate 60 percent of each purchased in 2017 to the life-size bronze project on Merrill Avenue. They can be ordered during Give Glendive Day or by contacting GGCF at Box 1122, or call Peggy at 406-939-7422 or Pam at Bridger Bronze 687-3743.

A Gift Sparks Lifesize Bronze Fundraiser

Pamela Harr of Bridger Bronze has a vision for Glendive’s downtown. She would like to leave a legacy of bronze life-size statues in Glendive as a great way to beautify Glendive. Pamela has contacted Greater Glendive Community Foundation to help with this beautification and legacy project.

Greater Glendive Community Foundation is excited about Bridger Bronze's offer of artistic design for a monument in downtown Glendive. GGCF is raising funds for the foundry fees for the life-size bronze called "Born to Hunt" depicting a young boy wearing a John Deere cap teaching his Labrador to retrieve. The statue will be in Glendive's new City Parking Lot on 100 N Merrill Avenue.

The community foundation received $5200 in memorials for Ty Milne, former president of the community foundation, which will go toward the $35,000 needed for foundry fees and installation of the bronze. Ty Milne’s children helped design the "Born to Hunt" statue.

May 4th is Give Glendive Day. People can donate to Glendive's non-profits at the Gallery, 109 N Merrill, from 1 to 6 p.m., this monument project being one of them. Gifts of any size will be appreciated.

People can donate online on Montana Gives Day from May 4th starting at 6 p.m. to May 5th at 6 p.m. at Type in “Glendive” as the location to see the four local nonprofits participating in online giving: Glendive Community Cancer Fund, DCC Foundation, the Nurturing Tree and Greater Glendive Community Foundation. All money donated to the Community Foundation on May 4th and 5th will go toward the "Born to Hunt" life-size bronze downtown, unless otherwise specified.

Bridger Bronze will make a limited edition of 200 miniature bronzes 6 3/4" x 9 1/2 x 4" on a black walnut base, priced at $995, the standard price. During 2017, Pam will donated 60% of all sales of this sculpture to funding of the enlargement, sculpting, casting bronze and installation of the life-sized sculpture. Bronzes can be ordered by calling 406-939-2686, by emailing, mailing to Box 1122, Glendive, MT 59330, or by contacting Pamela Harr at Bridger Bronze at 687-3743. Allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Thanks for your support.

There are tools that can help you take care of your financial future, your families and the causes you care about while taking advantage of the maximum tax benefits.

Amy Sullivan, Director of the Montana Office of Gift Planning, can help you with planned gifts that can help you support your community and help yourself, with 40% Montana income tax credit for individuals through a planned gift or 20% Montana tax credit simply by writing a check from your business or corporation. It's a gift that gives twice—helping you and the community or cause you care about. Contact Amy Sullivan at 443-8313, ext. 112, or

Here for Good—the Greater Glendive Community Foundation board of directors has decided to make a big impact with your generous donations to our community. We will be working with service groups on a strategic plan to make our community even better and use the earnings from your gifts—so far over $7000 last year and match it with grants to leverage your gifts and leave a lasting legacy.

There is still time and opportunity to make a difference in our community by contributing to our foundation. Most of Montana's community foundations are like Glendive's, less than ten years old, have no paid staff and have limited resources to expand. With accelerating state and federal budget cuts, it is increasingly important that communities operate collaboratively and efficiently. Community foundations can effectively support this culture and help foster civic engagement and local philanthropy. Our funds, like 500 other non-profits, are expertly managed by the Montana Community Foundation professionals and their financial investors. Their records speak for themselves.

Greater Glendive Community Foundation. Here for good. Forever.

To learn more, visit the Community Foundations of Montana website.


The Greater Glendive Community Foundation is in a great position to help you set aside money for Dawson County because it is under the umbrella of the Montana Community Foundation. This way, you can be sure that any money you choose to give or bequest to GGCF is professionally managed. A committee of the local GGCF will give out the earnings through grants to local organizations or your designated non-profit.

$26,604 has been given to 18 organizations so far.

All donations are tax-deductible. Commemorate someone or gifts may be anonymous.


Professionals can help you with planned gifts. ContactMontana Community Foundation at 406-443-8313, or your financial advisor.