Greater Glendive Community Foundation
PO Box 1122
Glendive, MT 59330


Under the umbrella of the Montana Community Foundation

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The Glendive Downtown Master Plan is available!

Click here to see the Downtown Master Plan.


Charity Schreibeis and her father Dean Mindt painted the murals at the underpass.

Kuehn Trenching was hired by Greater Glendive Foundation to terrace the approach and add boulders to hold the slope from eroding. They also sloped the lot above toward Merrill Avenue so run-off would channel to the storm drain. Investing in 3 days of labor with 3 types of equipment will save redoing in the future.

The old Chamber building.

Landscaping before.

Landscaping after.

Shelby priming.

Side of the building.

Keith and Angie.

Back of the building.




Here for Good—the Greater Glendive Community Foundation board of directors has decided to make a big impact with your generous donations to our community. We have taken a hands-on approach to improving downtown. The board of directors and other volunteers (teachers) painted the former chamber building downtown, landscaped the adjoining property, and hired the MSU Architecture Community Design class to create a vision for downtown after visiting with locals. We wrote a grant for a Downtown Master Plan with the City of Glendive which the city passed after community input. This is a plan for government, businesses, nonprofits and individuals to follow in the coming years. One of those downtown projects was the Barry underpass! The GGCF board is hands-on working on the underpass with help from local businesses and your donations. Funds will be available for local grants, as long as gifts and earning continue to grow to help local organizations with projects to improve Glendive. We believe in Glendive.

A Gift Sparks Lifesize Bronze Fundraiser

Thanks to Pamela Harr of Bridger Bronze and to those that bought bronzes or donated to help make the vision of a lifesize bronze of "Born to Hunt", in memory of Ty Milne, a reality.

The following purchased a miniature bronze, with 60% of proceeds going toward the lifesize bronze on the 1100 block of North Merrill Ave., by the football field:

Milne Implement (10), Tammy Milne (5), Darla Patterson (4), Dan Engesser, American Ford (3), Curt & Iris Milne (3), Ryann Milne (2), Shawna Milne Price (2), Sheila Kennedy (2), Kyle & Judy Johnson (2), Robert & Danise Jones, Jennifer Maher, Mike & Connie Hilger, Daryll & Darcy Clingingsmith, April Clingingsmith Sandven, Aaron Clingingsmith, Glendive Broadcasting, Keith Robinson, Amber Clinginsmith Purvis, Cody Sevier, Jerry & Shannon Hughes, Kyle Robinson, Tim & Trish Matteson, Alan & Lois Sevier, ProTax Service, Cross Petroleum, Peggy Iba.

Those who donated $100 or more in memory of Ty Milne:

Ross & Tara Oakland, Gordon & Gert Kolberg, Bonnie Broeder, Cynthia Thornquist, Angie Hagen, Marty Mann, Kevin & Sandi McGovern, Alex Milne, Brittany Milne, Brooke Milne, Jay & Shelly Morasko, Morrison Sherwood Wilson & Deola Law Office, Steve Simonson, George Samuelson, Donna Sharron & family, Underferth Mfg. Co., Gary & Nancy Zadick, Justine Zadick.

Pamela Harr continues to create lifesize monuments and makes Glendive her legacy city.