Building a sustainable future for Dawson County

Greater Glendive Community Foundation
PO Box 1122
Glendive, MT 59330


Under the umbrella of the Montana Community Foundation

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$2,000 & Up

$1,000 - $1,999


Kathy Ackerman
Mike & Peggy Iba
Gary & Sandra Koffler
Arlene Legare
Milne Implement
Frank Sir
Wes & Deb Toepke

ACT Committee of Glendive Chamber
Jack Amundson
Dick & Jean Carney
Walter Dietrick
EMC/HUB Insurance
Thomas Hughes
Sheila Kennedy
Cindy Mullet
Jim & Creuza Squires

Badlands Industries
Community First Bank
Dawson County High School
Hess Arabians
Martha Hilger

Paul & Amy Hopfauf
Jerry Jimison
Ty & Tammy Milne
Matt and Jean Rosendale
Signs of the Times

$100 - $499

Tim & Marcy Adams
Jim & Diane Atchison
Badlands Industries
Kathy Bisgard
Gary Brengle
Alan Clapp
Daryl & Darcy Clingingsmith
Complete Marriages
Carol Condon
Cathy Cooney
Timothy & Deborah Crennen
Richie & Jamie Crisafulli
Jack & Diane Crockett
Mary Alice Danielson
Dawson County 4-H Clubs
Dawson Livestock Protective Association

Darrell DeLange
Brian Dibble
Dr. Mutt Dickson
Jack & Betty Downs
Tim & Sandra Eickmann
Gabert Medical Services
Mike & Carrie Gibbs
Glendive Agriculture Trade Exposition
Glendive Coca-Cola Bottling Company
Gibbs Equipment
Darren & Angie Hagen
Mike & Yvonda Haggerty
Marvin & Sue Howe
Michael Hughes
Gary & Judy Huncovsky
Greg Huncovsky

Dean & Penny Johnson
Alice Kampschror
Ed & Louisa Kessel
Gary & Cathy Kirkpatrick
Lorraine Knutson
Gary & Sandra Koffler
Ken Kubesh
Joseph Leal
Ken Legare
Rich & Sue Legare
James & Maurine Lenhardt
Steve & Wanda Lindvig
Kevin & Sonja Maxwell
Greg & Deborah McGovern
Rita McGovern
Kevin & Sandi McGovern
Kathy McLane

Terry Meyers
Leroy & Pat Moline
Doug & Brenda Nissley
Brent Oakland
Terry & Nancy Peterson
John & Margaret Reynolds
Ruth Reynolds
Keith and Jeanne Seifert
Jim & Pat Skillestad
Bruce Smith
Marlene Taylor
William Temple
Connie Undem
US Bank
Rick & Mary Weyer
Dale Woolheiser
Don & Penny Zimmerman


Bob Aldinger; by John & Margaret Reynolds

Arnold & Frances Amundson; by Jack Amundson

Bob Anderson; by Jerome & Etta Maher

Jack Baker; by Rod & Verna Carpenter

Connie Balcer; by Darren & Angie Hagen

Pat Barone; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Tate Beggar; by Connie Undem

Langdon Bell by Mike & Peggy Iba, Deb Toepke

Sue Boedecker; by Thomas Hughes, Cynthia Markle

Tom Boje; by Mike & Kathy Benson

Mary Lou Brenner; by Tim & Deb (Hughes) Crennen

Ester Broeder; by Richie & Jamie Crisafulli

Kenny Buechler; by Milne Implement

Emmett Carey; by Dr. Leroy & Mrs. Moline

Frank & Carol Carpenter; by Steve & Wanda Lindvig

Dr. Chambers; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Mary Chambers; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Mary Chase; by Rich & Jamie Crisafulli

John Chouinard; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Larry Clingingsmith; by Gail Clingingsmith

Joe Crisafulli; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Winnie Culver; by Timothy & Deborah Crennen

Winnie Culver; by Tom Hughes

Sofia Cusimano; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman, Mike & Peggy Iba

George Darrah; by Leroy & Pat Moline

John Delano; by Tom Hughes

Carolyn Dufner; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Dr. Dykeman; by Darren & Angie Hagen

Ruth Ekland; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman, Tim & Deborah Hughes Crennen, Darren & Angie Hagen

Elsie Engle; by Darren & Angie Hagen

Don Erickson; by Mike Hughes

Doretta Flynn; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Glendive Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture by Eryn Rule

Glendive Medical Center; by Charles Laird

Jim Grunderson; by Tim & Deborah Hughes Crennen

Hazel Guelff; by Darin & Angie Hagen

Betty Gutcher; by Miriam Chouinard

Dan Haggerty; by Mike & Yvonda Haggerty

Larry Haggerty; by Mike & Yvonda Haggerty

Pat Haggerty; by Mike & Yvonda Haggerty

Feron Hanson; by Tim & Deb (Hughes) Crennen

Marlo Olson Hathaway; by Joe & Pat Hathaway

Nora Hilliard; by Darren & Angie Hagen

Jim Hoffman; by Leroy & Pat Moline

Deceased Hoffmans; by Ed & Louisa Kessel

Kathryn Hostetler; by Milne Implement

Larry Johnson; by Tim & Deborah Hughes Crennen

Deceased Kessels; by Ed & Louisa Kessel

Elmer Kolstad; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman, Jack & Diane Crockett

Leona Kutzler; by Angie Hagen

Arlene Legare; by Ken Legare, Rick & Mary Weyer, Richard & Susan Legare

Jim Lenhardt; by Maurine Lenhardt

Ruth Daryl Lillejord; by Darcy Clingingsmith

Lucille MacDonald; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Lucille McGraw; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman, LaVerne Trangmoe

David Mcpherson; by Mary Alice Danielson, Dr. Leroy & Pat Moline, Mike & Peggy Iba

Richard Mittlestadt; by Glendive Coca Cola Bottling Co.

Tootie Mort; by Gary & Cathy Kirkpatrick

Lee Newton; by Kim & Daryl Trangmoe

Pauline Pederson; by Richie & Jamie Crisafulli

Shelly Person; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Charlie Peterson; by Connie Undem

Chuck Priemsberger; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Jack Reynolds; by Leroy & Pat Moline

Randy Reynolds; by Tim & Deb (Hughes) Crennen

Adele Rossi; by Rich & Jamie Crisafulli

Gayle Schaeffel; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Shirley Schlabach; by Kevin & Sandra McGovern, Mike & Peggy Iba, Deb Toepke

Lena Schneider; by LaRae Schneider, Connie Undem

Vernon Schneider; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman, Marvin & Sue Howe, Mike & Peggy Iba, Gary & Cathy Kirkpatrick, Tim & Mary Miller, Phyllis Newton, Connie Undem, Richie & Jamie Crisafulli

Jim Schultz; by Craig Anderson

Matt Siegle; by Marvin & Sue Howe

Erma Steffens; by Milne Implement

Jake Steiner; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Desseree Stortz; by Peggy Iba, Kathi Bisgard, Deb Toepke, Sandi McGovern

Mike Sundling; by Milne Implement

Wes Toepke; by Darren & Angie Hagen, Mike & Peggy Iba, Kevin & Sandy McGovern, Tom & Joan Hughes, Leroy & Pat Moline, Bob Turner, MT Auto Dealers, Carol Dick, Milne Implement

Toepke Fund; by Milne Implement

D'Lane Trangmoe; by Bernie Kelly, Adam Schreibeis, RJ Walker, Mary Lou Appleby, Margaret Temple, John W. Hamilton, Lily Englebright, Eleanor Odenbach, Roger Olson

Shirley Trangmoe; by Marvin & Sue Howe

Flo Vashus; by Tom Hughes

Butch Volbrecht; by Rich & Jamie Crisafulli

Glenna Ward; by Mike & Peggy Iba

Ronnie Wiseman; by Bob & Kathy Ackerman

Jerry Zander; by William Temple

Roman & Lynda Zuroff; by Zuroff, Audrey