Greater Glendive Community Foundation
PO Box 1122
Glendive, MT 59330


Under the umbrella of the Montana Community Foundation

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Why give to a community foundation? Community foundations are able to put your gifts, small and large, to work for local needs and programs.

Personalized service, helping individuals, families, businesses, and nonprofit agencies achieve their charitable and financial goals with maximum tax advantages. You shape and design your fund's giving focus, and even help recommend grant awards.

Community leadership, working with local leaders to build endowment, ensuring that grants are always available to support the community. That means your gifts build and strengthen your community; today, tomorrow, and forever.

Gifts to Greater Glendive Community Foundation positively affect your hometown's economic development and quality of life.


Tax deductible donations give back to the community as donations are invested and your legacy lives on.

Your financial gifts or assets allow the Greater Glendive Community Foundation Board to provide grants to community projects from applications across Dawson County.

A conflict of interest clause prevents board members involved with specific projects from voting or using personal influence in the grant selection. Planned gifts like charitable gift annuities can help provide financial security for you and your family, generous tax savings — plus help your community.


An endowment is a tax-favored charitable fund that is designed to last forever. The principal amount of the fund — your charitable gift — is prudently invested and preserved. As investment earnings accumulate, grants are made to nonprofits in Dawson County. Usually a portion of the investment earnings are retained and added to the principal, causing the balance of the endowment fund to actually grow over time.


These days, we are overwhelmed by options to make a charitable donation. We see ads on TV urging us to support a child who is hungry or help with cancer research.

We’re asked to donate so many times, by so many people, that we can become desensitized to the needs around us and fail to act all together. So with all these options, why should you donate to a local community foundation? Here are four good reasons.

  1. You’ll Help People Close To Home

    While donating to support causes abroad is admirable, sometimes it’s difficult to see the impact. When you donate to a local community foundation, you’re providing support to people right in your own neighborhood, strengthening the city where you live and work. You can support the local nonprofits and community projects now and in the future from food bank to the arts, sports, education, museums children and senior projects. They all make this a better place to live, work and play.

  2. You’ll Multiply The Impact of Your Donation

    When you give to a community foundation, your gift is pooled with other gifts and grant money so it can have a bigger impact. Community foundations also make investments that magnify the dollars the community contributes.

  3. You’ll Have Transparency In Your Donation

    Most community foundations publish annual reports disclosing the donations they received and who benefitted from those donations. They typically have a staff and board of trustees committed to ensuring your donations are used wisely, and administrative costs are kept to a minimum. Greater Glendive Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation who manages 1000 charitable funds. There are 70 community foundations in Montana. Community foundations that are members of a larger organization such as this one demonstrate an added layer of accountability and a commitment to growth.

  4. You Can Choose From A Variety of Giving Options

    Community foundations allow you to give in a variety of ways to meet your goals. Greater Glendive Community Foundation offers a number of creative giving options, including:

    • The ability to make a donation in memory of or in honor of someone you love.
    • A Donor Advised Fund, which allows you to support your favorite charities through cash, stocks, bonds or other assets (Our foundation will manage your fund and cover all the accounting, IRS reporting and administrative concerns so you have peace of mind.) You choose the organizations you want to support like the Toepke Fund supports ABC Baseball and Girls Softball with a check from the earnings annually.
    • A charitable gift annuity, which allows you to donate cash or stock and receive a guaranteed payment rate from that asset as long as you live.
    • A charitable remainder trust, or a gift that enables you to provide a lifetime income for yourself or a family member while donating the remaining principal to a cause you support.
    • A charitable lead trust, which allows you to designate a specific amount to charity and allow the remaining assets to go to your beneficiaries.
    • The ability to reduce your tax burden by naming us as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.


leaving $10,000 to your favorite charity.

Now imagine…

two scenarios for your charitable gift.

Scenario #1: your favorite charity receives a check from your estate for $10,000.

Net Result: your favorite charity gets $10,000.

Scenario #2: your estate uses the $10,000 to establish an endowment with the Greater Glendive Community Foundation.

Net Result: Dawson County organizations receive nearly $60,000* in grants over the next 50 years…and the grants keep coming, and growing, decade after decade.

*Assuming an 8% return, net of fees.

When asked what was the greatest invention in the world, Albert Einstein simply replied, "compound interest".